It's been a while since last update here. There has been quite a bit happening since then. I'm not sure how all of this fares to my life but I expect that things will get a positive turn.

The major thing is that I resigned my job in favor of a more Linux oriented job. As usual I'm not naming any companies or any details on my departure. But I'm expecting an increase on motivation to do things on my spare time.

In a way I'm seeing a busy December, I have various projects that absolutely need finishing during December. So unless I manage to ease the job somehow I'm going to be working through Xmas.

Next I need to find myself a new phone. My Motorola v3x is apparently breaking down. I'm still not quite sure what I want from a phone at this point, but it's pretty obvious that I need to write down what I want before I start looking for a replacement. There are way too many different phones out there and looking at them just makes you want more than you need.

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