My Little Pet Bot

My little pet bot is yet another bot project, but this time with a new idea, or well the original idea was new anyways..

The story

It all started when i realized that my webserver kept eating up all of my slowly filling RAM, and i noticed that i needed a way to keep my frontpage updated, but still would get rid of the database backend that was running in the background. I also noticed that my website content changes only a few times a year, so there is no need to have dynamic pages. So i began my search for solutions, i played around with XSLT (which i eventually got to use) and caching the dynamic pages. but nothing really worked like i wanted it too (except XSLT). I also had a different problem, i needed a website that could easily be used by someone else than me, which was a real problem with the newly adopted XHTML + XSLT solution, it was easy enough for me to create a complex page with vim, but i was pretty sure that it wouldn't be that easy for all of us.
So, one day i had an idea.. a small bot that would connect to Jabber Network and wait for content updates from there. So it isn't really that new idea. I started to play with the idea some more and realized that i really didn't need a database backend that most of the current implementations had and started to plan a bot that would be able to maintain a simple XML template without any databases.
Ofcourse, it bloated up, as it always does, i started to think even more, what if it was able to do the whole website management, from the point of uploading the pages and images to the point of taking over an existing site. The idea felt like a good idea and i played some more with it, so far i've had a bunch of ideas what do with it.. but that is a whole new story..

The bot

My little pet bot aims to have as little built in it as possible, so far i've been quite succesfull with it, but i'm not really sure how far i can stretch it, without affecting the performance of the bot. The bot itself is written in python, so there is no compiling involved, and it should run on a pretty standard python installation, it only needs minimal plugins to run (the modules are a different matter).

Current modules

Here is a list of current modules:

The module that started it all. It's primary purpose is to manage a website.
Module to update files in a directory based on presence received from other modules
The Jabber connector, it offers facilities to send and receive messages

There are other modules too, but so far the other modules aren't worth mentioning.

Contact me

In case you want a copy of my little pet bot let me know.. i can be reached with email or jabber with the address [email protected], i'd be happy to hear about opinions and ideas