Get your cuefile from musicbrainz I've always hated when a file (mp3 in this case) is partially incomplete. There are many different ways how mp3 files can be incomplete. The file might be partially ripped, badly ripped or lack information about the data contained inside. Most of these situations are irreversable, but lack of metadata is usually correctable.

This tool fetches the track metadata and saves that data to a file called CUE-Sheet.

How it works

The tool searches the given album in musicbrainz and then fills the data fetched in to a cuesheet and attaches that cuesheet to a given mp3 file. For now, it only works with mp3 files but it can easily be modified to work with just about any audio file supported by cuesheets.

One should note that the tool doesn't magically fix broken files, it will only generate the metadata for you. Metadata being information about the file itself, usually in machine readable form.

Download it

you can get the tool from my website:
For now, the tool is distributed under CC Sharealike license, i'll look in to the license later on and describe it better.

About musicbrainz

This tool fetches all it's data from musicbrainz, which is a database that contains all sorts of metadata in a single easy to access database. Quite a bit of the data in musicbrainz, especially the cd title information, comes from freedb. The artist, track and album data have been sanitized so the database is less inconsistent. The huge amount of data to maintain makes the database hard to maintain, so you might not find your discs in the database. The only cure here is to go to the website, import and sanitize the data and then use it.

Other tools

There are several tools that do the same thing as my tool. These have certain advantages and disadvantages. Most of the tools work with freedb data directly. Few of those tools are listed at: