This script updates the repeat time for a Dreambox remote. It's useful at least for a Logitech Harmony One remote when used with a Dreambox 7025.

The problem is that by default most of the key presses are repeated twice on the Dreambox. The harmony remote can be modified to fit other devices, but it doesn't have a robust enough adjustments You can basically alter the default setting of "2" to "1", what ever those mean. Keeping the setting at 2 gives duplicate presses and 1 causes some of the key presses to be ignored.

Luckily Dreambox is based on Linux and there are a lot of ways to tweak the behaviour. The script modifies the value in /proc/stb/ir/rc/repeat which appears to be a HEX value of the repeat time for the remote. The default value appears to be 600ms, while Harmony One requires almost double of that.

The script isn't yet perfect, but it gets the job done. The repeat time is still too low, but setting it to 1200ms makes things worse again. Any hints on why this is happening are happily accepted at the e-mail address on the bottom of the page.

You can download the script here.