Usually when you think of emerging technologies it bores people to death. When you think about OpenID it's just a basic reimplementation of stuff like Windows Live ID (yes, it has been renamed again), but it has been desigined with different goals.

The technical side is boring, i know. But it's always fun to see new stuff emerge from the technology. Like Jyte which allows you to make claims that people can agree or disagree on. Or ClaimID which allows you to associate your online identities to a single reference point. And then there is Zooomr for online photo albums.

things like Jyte, ClaimID and Zooomr get your attention and sometimes you even say things like "ooh!" or "aah!". But nobody remembers to thank the people that enable it all (Like the people who created OpenID).

So i decided to make a claim at Jyte:

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