Wow, it's been a rough ride. I've been really overworked by work (duh!) and i've been unable to catch up completely on my mail and different feeds. Also i've wanted to set up new stuff like zenoss and various other things.

I was able to try zenoss as a virtual appliance quickly. And from that brief visit, i can tell that it overcomes a lot of the problems that circle around tools like cacti, nagios and other similar systems.

But as for the near future, i'm expecting the situation to stay the same. Hopefully i get to install zenoss sometime in the future and use it to monitor my own servers. Or to update bcfg2 debian packaging, in which i need to add the new reporting system. Currently it's not packaged at all, which is not good.

Oh well, as i said, it's been a rough ride.. All in all, it's all good. I get to do things i want to (alongside the things i'm 'forced' to do), so it's not all bad. But eventually i'd just love to take a break. Someday...

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