.. Fruit flies like a banana.

So, it has been a month since my last post. I hate it when time goes by too fast and you don't get to look back and think what has happened. Sometimes it's good to reflect a bit on the past, it brings thing back to perspective.

I switched my OpenID provider to The South African XMPP Federation OpenID Server which allows me to log in to websites through jabber. On first thought it sounds like unreasonable thing to do, but if you consider the phising discussion it suddenly becomes more sane. It's one of the few methods that can circumvent phishing. I don't have a password for my openid account, but i do have a password (for now) for my jabber account.

While playing with the new OpenID provider, i noticed some bugs with Gajim (yes, i'll try and get bugs filed for those) and eventually noticed that there has been a new release of Telepathy-Gabble. This release fixes the bug that i've been seeing and it no longer crashes. This means that i can finally move back to Gossip-telepathy which is nice and clean. I just have to remember to close those bugs i filed earlier about the bugs.

I've also been upgrading firmwares for my phones. It's annoying how phones have turned in to computers that require updating. Phones are more painful to upgrade since usually you will loose all the data on the phone when you upgrade. I'm still waiting for good phone that runs linux and has a sane way of storing configuration and other data. At the moment there appears to be a good drive to new linux phones, but i don't want to buy a phone that lacks most of the features that i will be using in the future. At the moment linux phones are playing the same catch up game as linux did in on the desktop. Hopefully it will get there eventually and i'll get up switch to a sane phone with proper updating model.

As a side project i've been thinking about creating a blocklist for Adblock Plus that filters finnish sites. The problem is that the list of sites i visit is quite short. I'll have to see what comes out of all this.

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