There are times when you must wonder how wrong things need to go before anyone does anything about it. From time to time you run in to pages that fail to work or have some obscure workaround to fix the bugs in certain majority browsers.

Now, lets play a game. Spot the error!

Install the Firebug extension to your copy of Firefox. Enable it and head to this page: Yle Opinportti: Kielimatka kiinaan (It's in finnish, but you get the point)

Spot the error? So it turns out that there is a trick to make some obscure modification to the behaviour of that certain major browser.

the madness doesn't stop here. There is a new HTML5 standard in the works by the WHATWG. Initially the standard recommends that Ogg Theora and Ogg Vorbis SHOULD be supported. This is good. It takes a turn for the worse when Apple suggested (i have no problem with apple, just the suggestion) that Ogg* should be replaced with MPEG4 which is more efficient.

Efficient is good. It's not good when it's proprietary. Web should be open and usable by everyone, even if they can't pay for the privilege. Please, stick with Ogg* variants, it's a good recommendation.

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