Sometimes there are days when everything works as planned. Today I updated this site to ikiwiki 2.0. The major change was a switch to using directories instead of just plain html files. There are benefits in this approach so I upgraded.

What surprised me was the fact that nothing went wrong with the upgrade. At least I don't know of any problems...

Ikiwiki uses static files to store the contents, which is nice. The only problem with this approach is that in the end there will be migrations. All migrations need workarounds to allow things to work without going around fixing things all over. For this migration I had to write some redirect rules for lighttpd. It's a minor inconvenience if you consider the other benefits of static content.

The only problem now is to decide whether or not to enable comments on this blog. I'm not sure if I want to start fighting spam on my own website, I already get way too much spam in my email.

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