I'm not the type of a guy that plans vacations. This year is different.

Some time ago a friend mentioned that they were attending Sensation White 2007. At the time i thought that it would be cool to attend, but i'd never be able to arrange everything in time and i didn't want to leave Anitta home alone.

2 weeks ago, we talked about the event and Erkka mentioned that they might have extra tickets. That turned out to be the final straw and i jumped aboard.

Now, 2 weeks later, my travel plans are complete and i've booked flights and hotels for the trip. There are still quite a few details to be worked out before the trip itself. So that said, i'll be in amsterdam from 4th of july to 11th of july. General plan at the moment is to have fun and meet some friends while i'm there.

Now i just have to find good white pants that fit well in a good rave.

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