For a while now I've been pondering how to handle a package that has Debian packaging in upstream tarball. The upstream packaging is pretty much written by me, so there is no duplication of work. The big problem is the packaging changelog.

When ever a new upstream package is released the changelog is changed and since I keep my packaging in a VCS this causes conflicts and I end up manually merging the two changelogs.

The problems is, how should I handle this? I'm starting to think that I should move to the Ubuntu style. Just include my changes to the upstream Debian packaging in the last changelog entry and just carry that along with the Debian package.

The other options are to for the changelog in to changelog.upstream and my own. That would cause me to loose the upstream changes (if any) unless I mirror them in my own changelog. Or I could just split the Debian packaging from the upstream completely and just keep my own packaging instead. This would make it harder for me to provide the changes upstream that I've made for the packaging. Or I could just try and cope by merging the changelogs manually.

It might be easiest to just keep the changes to the upstream packaging in the latest changelog entry since it should be quite obvious to me what I've changed. The downside is that the upstream changelog isn't really that informative and people using apt-listchanges get to see the same changes over and over since some of the changes are kept without including them in upstream packaging.

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