So, a while back I mentioned I was heading to Amsterdam for Sensation White 2007. Now I'm here. The trip itself was a lot less painful than I expected, even though I had to leave a day early to catch my flight and all.

Here is a small summary of the trip so far, written as we prepare for the actual main event.

We landed to rainy Amsterdam on Wednesday but that didn't really slow things down at all.

We did some light sightseeing and party hunting.

Saw things that don't make any sense to anyone else than locals

Found a very good and friendly bar. And I plan on spending some more time there during the rest of the trip.

And visited an underground party (pics are pretty bad)

As for now, it's time to head out to the main event. More pics to follow later on. And most likely I'll even edit these pictures in to something more sane. I'm just dumping them here to gloat ;)

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