I just uninstalled tracker. I loved the idea and liked the fact that it wasn't a resource hog. What started to bother me was that there were a few outstanding issues that kept bothering me. I'm a bit too busy with other aspects of life to start digging in to the code and fix the problems so I waited for a new release.

I've also been following the discussion in the development list and noticed something that I've noticed with other projects too.

People keep urging people with problems with the stable release to compile the development version and using that instead. It's OK to refer people to try the release to see if a problem has been resolved but as a general solution it's not a good thing. Quite a few projects have problems pushing out releases, people focus on working on new features instead of stabilizing the code base for releases from time to time. Even though it can temporarily slow down development to push out a new release, it is a good thing for the project. It pulls in new users and ideas for the project.

I know that with tracker there were other issues too that delayed a stable release, but still I'm uninstalling it. I'm looking forward to reinstall tracker in the future.

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