From time to time it's good to reflect a bit on the past. It's not always that easy to see ones accomplishments and to admit failures.

One thing I've both failed and succeeded in, is this blog. I've managed to keep it more alive than the previous blogs I've tried to work on. Still I have way too few technical posts, which was my primary goal.
The reason my I chose to work on more technical posts is that every day I learn new things that I should be sharing with others. As things are now far too much gets forgotten.

It's also interesting to think about the journey from the point where I was introduced to computers to here. I've learned a lot and forgotten a lot. There are things that I can't decide if they are good or bad, like struggling with certain obstacles for way too long just because I've been too stubborn to give up. Those obstacles have usually taught me valuable lessons, but I could have learned the same lesson faster by asking for help.

But in the end, if I had done things differently I might not be where I am now.

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