For almost 2 years I've been a happy Dreambox user. While Dreambox has a lot of good features, the best being that it's based on Linux and people are actually encouraged to create their own firmwares and modify it, it lacks in hardware. All products suffer for some kind of disasters, for the 7025 series it was the power supply which will fail (it's only a matter of when). And now it looks like the rest of the hardware is failing too.

So, "Dear Lazyweb" I'm asking if there is something similar to Dreambox in terms of flexibility and features. I'm mostly looking for an active community and solid device. HD capability is a plus and it must have DVB-C receivers (2). I'm not looking to build my own box, but if there is a reasonable framework for that I will look in to it too. In general I'm looking for a box that is flexible and has solid hardware from the "(sane + a bit) < insane" price range.

If you happen to know of such a device or framework, drop me a note at [email protected] (works with e-mail, jabber and msn, first 2 preferred =)

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