After my post yesterday about locales and my problems, I got some comments.

Bryan, Simon and Wouter all pointed out what eventually figured out too but didn't mention in the post (I actually had to re-read the post to see what I wrote) that LC_ALL overrides all of the settings. Even though I figured it out eventually, with these comments it finally me that the purpose is actually to temporarily override the locale.

Another thing that didn't occur to me while figuring out the correct locale for my system was that I'm thinking about it all wrong. Since I've already gotten used to broken locales I kept thinking that I want en_US locale with some Finnish settings, but in reality I wanted fi_FI locale with English language. I have to admit that I was pretty sceptical about the solution but decided to try it out. And to my surprise, it actually worked!

So the final solution is this: LANG="fi_FI.UTF-8"

It is a pretty clean solution and I'm happy to live with it. And as Simon pointed out, administrator changes should be preserved through upgrades. If not, one should file a bug for it.

There we go, another problem solved. Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

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