Sometimes I wonder why I'm not a millionaire... I keep having these odd strokes of luck.

Today the HD on my laptop broke. And I had such a good plan for backups. It should have been foolproof. I meant to run incremental backups every so often and put the data in to external drives, which are mirrored. It turns out there was a flaw in my backup plan: I forgot to implement it. Yes, my HD broke down and I had absolutely no backups of my HD contents. Since it's not the first time I've seen a HD failure, I immediately started making a clone of the disk. I didn't want to waste time looking for individual files, since a clone of the disk contains all the data that is accessible on the broken disk anyway.

I decided to try with clonezilla, because it's intelligent enough to backup the data I need but still has a decent GUI to work through the command line options. After all, I don't clone disks daily.

After starting the clone, it tried to access the data and after a while I saw a message from kernel saying that the disk froze. I almost gave up hope when the partitions showed up on screen. I gasped for air when I finally realized what happened. Apparently the swap partition was the only thing that was lost! Feeling hopeful I left clonezilla to do it's job and headed out the door. Once I got back all of the data had been backed up.

At this point I already had a new drive so it was time to do the reverse and restore the backup, which was an uneventful 2 hours of waiting. Before rebooting I ran mkswap on the swap partition and rebooted.

The system is now back up and running.

It's not the first time I had problems with HDs, recently I've lost 3-4 HDs due to various failures. Only once I've lost data, but the lost data wasn't anything that couldn't be regenerated. Maybe it's not luck, maybe I'm a cat in a human form. Maybe I just always land on my feet... Time will tell.

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