"You never call, you never write. I hardly know you anymore."

Yes, I've been meaning to write up on several things. For some time now, I've been a happy VIM user and a while back I ran in to a blog post where someone mentioned a new feature they found in VIM which got me to explore the vim-scripts package.

There are a lot of scripts out there that extend VIM far beyond what it can do by default. And it's quite powerful even without the scripts. One of the neat little scripts I decided to install by default was surround, it allows one to easily replace surrounding parenthesis, tags or quotation marks.

There are a lot of scripts in the vim-scripts package, but it's not always clear how to enable the scripts. Thats where vim-addon-manager comes to play, it provides a vim-addon command that allows you to easily enable or disable the scripts.

I'm still trying to grasp the full potential of all the new commands available, but it certainly appears that I'll be having even more fun writing stuff. It's kind of odd, at first when you start to use vi-like editors, you struggle. But in the end it's just such a convenient way of editing files that it really does grow on you.

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