When Finland switched to Digital Television, I opted for a Dreambox. The box has been well worth the money. Almost a year ago (yes, I've been meaning to make a post about this ;) ) I bought a Logitech Harmony One universal remote. Since the beginning it had some issues with the box.

The problem is that by default most of the commands repeated twice on the Dreambox. The remote itself can be modified to fit other devices, but it's not fine grained enough. You can basically alter the default setting of "2" to "1", what ever those mean. Keeping the setting at 2 gives duplicate presses and 1 gives me a poorly working remote (not all presses are registered).

Luckily the Dreambox is open and it's easy to dive in and dig around. After some digging around, I found /proc/stb/ir/rc/repeat which allowed me to alter the repeat time of the remote. After trial and error, I managed to find a working setting. Looks like 1150 ms is just a tad bit below the required repeat time for the remote, but for some reason increasing the setting to 1200 made things worse. So this appears to be as good as it gets for me.

I also created a script to set the repeat time at boot (since I shutdown the box for the night) which can be found here. Fix-repeat script takes install or uninstall as argument so it should be relatively easy to install it. The only real trick used in the script is the conversion from a decimal number to a HEX number.

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