Since I keep ending up in situations where I need to clean up postfix queue from mails sent by a single host and always forget the command, I'm posting it here. Maybe someone else will find it useful as well.

To begin with, you need to determine the IP address of the culprit you want to eliminate. How you do this, is up to you. Grepping logs or examining the files in the queue both work. But for some reason there doesn't appear to be a good tool to get statistics on the sending IP addresses, only the origin and destination domains.

Once you have determined the IP address which you want to purge, you can use the following spell. You might have to repeat the same line for active and incoming queues as well, but usually deferred is the queue I have the most mails.

grep -lrE '[^0-9][^0-9]' /var/spool/postfix/deferred | xargs -r -n1 basename | postsuper -d -

It's important that the IP address has escaped dots, because dots can account for any character. In the worst case it will end up matching a lot of wrong IP addresses. Another important bits are the '[^0-9]' groups in both ends of the pattern. Those make the IP address only match that particular IP address. Without that extra limitation would match anything that has 1 as the last number in the first octet and 1 as the first number of the last octet. For example: would be a valid match.

The other important bit, yet oddly unknown, is the postsuper command. Postsuper modifies the queue and -d flag makes it delete files in the queue by QueueID. For some reason I keep on seeing all sorts of find -exec rm {} spells all over, which isn't really that nice for the daemon itself.

So here it is, one more tidbit I've been meaning to write up for quite some time now. Enjoy!

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