For quite some time now, I've neglected my desktop, I have become lazy. The default desktop has been sufficient in many ways and there really hasn't been any need to modify it.

Lately I've ran in to a few blog posts all around where various people discuss how certain items waste space and so on. Since I already tweaked my VIM installation, I started to look at my desktop and realized that there are a lot of things in the panels that I don't need. I started thinking about which items I use and just dropped the ones that I don't use. Next I minimized the space needed by various applets. Like the 'fast user switch applet', which by default looks like this got turned in to this . Which makes a lot more sense since I already know my own name.

I also switched from the window list applet to window selector applet. Which was a logical choice since I hardly ever use the window list and when I do, it's usually just random selection since the relevant parts of the window names are hidden. So insted of this:

I now have this:

A big improvement.

I also changed the theme from the original Human theme to DarkRoom, which is a nice change. As for the background, I dug up an old wallpaper I had put aside just for occasions like this. So after a quickly going through the files on my desktop (it was overdue), I ended up with this:

There are still certain items I should remove, but now that it all fits in to one panel, I'm in no rush ;)

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