Today while watching a Cisco talk about their Spam product, I realized that the current state of spam is never going to change. It's not because there isn't an effort to block spam, but because there is an effort to block spam.

At first thought it sounds odd, but it's the same problem as with pretty much everything. There is no money in fixing the current e-mail system, while there is a lot of money to be made in providing new solutions to block spam. Someone with a tendency to go with conspiracies would most likely claim that it would be in the best interest of some companies to fund sending spam.

Of course I'm not claiming this, but it would actually make sense.

But it's the same as with spam, spammers will be in the business just as long as there is money to be made from spamming. The companies working against spam are in the business just as long as there is spam going on. If spamming stops or someone develops a real solution to end all spam, the companies will go out of business or at least will have to look for other venues for income. And most companies don't like to invent new things, but rather sell the old product over and over.

I just hope that in the future the same companies will figure out that it's in everyones best interest to create a new end-all solution, even if it means that their current products will become obsolete. Instead they should focus on transition solutions as well as capitalizing on the fact that it's a lot of work to rework the current e-mail system.

It doesn't hurt to dream.

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