I'm not quite sure if I should start worrying, but I've had increasingly odd dreams lately.

Some time back I had a dream that we(?) were hiking on a path and came across a low hanging high-power powerline. To get past the powerline, one had to couch under it. At the time, this felt like the natural thing to do.. although I remember being worried that someone might get zapped. Later on in the dream I was living in an apartment which had the same(?) powerline going right through the kitchen in such a way that you had to crawl under them to get in and out of the apartment.

A few nights back I had a dream that we(?) were escorting a tractor (or something of the sorts) and all of a sudden there was this ball of fur coming out of my (or someone elses) pants, which was quickly identified as a raccoon, not to mention a flying raccoon. These nasty critters would destroy anything in their path. All of a sudden we were in a space shuttle heading to a space station and the outer hull was crawling with these raccoons. We made it to the space station and so did the raccoons. After getting out of the hangar and the (oh so classic) sliding doors closing behind us, the raccoons started eating through the (steel) door. Just as the raccoons got through some soldiers came around the corner and started shooting at the raccoons saying "Oh, not those nasty buggers again".

What strikes me as odd is that none of these situations felt odd at the time. Usually these kinds of dreams tend to be nightmares and you just keep running away..

Oh well. Now it's time to return to the normal unscheduled programming.

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