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There posts are mostly about the Sensation White event that takes place in Amsterdam on july 7th.

Last year we were visiting Sensation White 2007, which was a nice party but the music let me down. The event itself was well worth attending and spending a week in Amsterdam was great. So, about a week ago we decided to head out to Trance Energy 2009 with a friend. It's a ninja style trip, we head out there a bit before the party and leave shortly after it.

This time I have higher expectations about the music since there are a number of high profile DJs there. Also usually after the event there are mixes floating around the net that have some high quality trance in them. Sadly Sensation White has become too much of an event, it was almost instantly sold out even before any DJ listings were announced. I don't really expect such an event out of Trance Energy, but I do expect high quality music, fun party and a good time.

I also try to prepare better for the event. Last year my back gave up on me, those who were there saw it first hand. I had a hard time standing up at times. This year I'm coming prepared. I've started doing yoga again. And no, it's not the meditation type of yoga, but a variation of Hatha Yoga which puts emphasis on physical exercise. Hopefully I'll be able to party all night without any problems this year.

Posted Fri Dec 26 22:56:38 2008 Tags: sensation

So, a while back I mentioned I was heading to Amsterdam for Sensation White 2007. Now I'm here. The trip itself was a lot less painful than I expected, even though I had to leave a day early to catch my flight and all.

Here is a small summary of the trip so far, written as we prepare for the actual main event.

We landed to rainy Amsterdam on Wednesday but that didn't really slow things down at all.

We did some light sightseeing and party hunting.

Saw things that don't make any sense to anyone else than locals

Found a very good and friendly bar. And I plan on spending some more time there during the rest of the trip.

And visited an underground party (pics are pretty bad)

As for now, it's time to head out to the main event. More pics to follow later on. And most likely I'll even edit these pictures in to something more sane. I'm just dumping them here to gloat ;)

Posted Sat Jul 7 19:44:55 2007 Tags: Sensation

I bought me a new camera for the trip and i saw something interesting while ordering and ordered myself a gorillapod. Gorillapod is a slick little tripod with a twist. It's able to grab a hold of pretty much anything that is small enough.

What is quite nice is that gorillapod is rather small in size, so it's easy to carry it around. It fits quite nicely in your pocket. I've tried it in a few places already and I like it.

And no, that's not the new camera. I might post more about it too later on.

Posted Thu May 31 23:23:23 2007 Tags: Sensation

I have ordered quite a bit of stuff for my trip to Amsterdam. Today my earplugs arrived. I went for Earloves which were recommended on some blog quite some time back. No wonder, they feel pretty good and at least with quick test they appear to perform as well as promised.

Earloves come with a nice carrying case, so it shouldn't be a problem to carry them around either.

Posted Thu May 31 22:32:55 2007 Tags: Sensation

I'm not the type of a guy that plans vacations. This year is different.

Some time ago a friend mentioned that they were attending Sensation White 2007. At the time i thought that it would be cool to attend, but i'd never be able to arrange everything in time and i didn't want to leave Anitta home alone.

2 weeks ago, we talked about the event and Erkka mentioned that they might have extra tickets. That turned out to be the final straw and i jumped aboard.

Now, 2 weeks later, my travel plans are complete and i've booked flights and hotels for the trip. There are still quite a few details to be worked out before the trip itself. So that said, i'll be in amsterdam from 4th of july to 11th of july. General plan at the moment is to have fun and meet some friends while i'm there.

Now i just have to find good white pants that fit well in a good rave.

Posted Thu May 17 00:38:20 2007 Tags: sensation